Hair types

To really determine your hair type, it is not enough to simply be interested in the classification of André Walker (type 1, 2, 3 or 4). The identification of her hair type goes through several stages which also allow the porosity or density to be determined in order to choose the products best suited to the needs of your hair. "We can have several porosities, densities, hair thicknesses and curl shapes on the head!" But there is always a type of hair that predominates, "says Catherine Douglas.

Determine its capillary porosity

« Porosity is the way your hair retains moisture and therefore the hydration you give it. In the salon for example, once the hair is towel-dried after shampooing, we observe it, we touch it and we can determine whether the hair has retained water or not, "explains the specialist.

There are three levels of porosity: low, medium and high.

When the porosity is low it means that the hair absorbs hydration poorly. The cuticles - a kind of scales located on the upper layer of the hair that protect the hair fiber - are very closed. Water and moisturizers cannot properly reach the hair fiber. The hair is then very dry. To remedy this problem, open the cuticles and use heat. When applying the treatments, it is recommended to use a bowl of hot water, a hot towel (not boiling!) Wrapped around the head or a heating cap to relax the cuticles and open them.

Finally, if the porosity is high, it means that the cuticles are not doing their job effectively and are damaged. The hair then has great difficulty in retaining hydration. Many factors can be at the origin of this phenomenon such as the abuse of heating tools (hair dryer, irons ...) or even straightening and coloring repeatedly and hair transitions. Any activity harmful to the hair should therefore be reduced or even stopped. However, high porosity can also be hereditary and therefore natural.

The glass of water technique

To determine your porosity, there is a simple method available to everyone: the glass of water method. Fill a glass with lukewarm water and gently place a few strands of your clean, product-free hair - caught on your head or brush - on the surface of the water. Wait a few minutes and observe the result. If your hair stays on the surface, your porosity is low. If they find themselves in the middle of the glass, it is that it is average. Finally, if they are at the bottom, your porosity is high.