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Ethnoshop shares your beauty world

Your questions and your expectations, since they are ours too! Your skin, your hair have their characteristics. Thus, to best meet your needs, our scientific team (biochemist and medical consultant) seeks from laboratories or reputable suppliers ranges whose formulation meets the requirements of black skin, mixed and Maghreb The products that are offered to you are therefore validated for their quality and efficiency demonstrated after numerous verifications.

Our expertise at your service

Thanks to more than 5 years of expertise in the ethno-cosmetics market, we are always at the forefront of news, the latest colors, textures, active ingredients, the most innovative and REALLY suitable for all the beauties of the world. world are available on the site and mobile applications !

The Ethnoshop team has set itself the task of analyzing, informing and responding in the most professional way to a real need. Beyond this, our desire is to intervene as real actors in the elaboration and diffusion of a positive image of the black and mixed woman. Rather than shops, we chose distance selling.

No more long and tedious trips, you find us according to your desires, at the time that suits you and even on your mobile devices.

All the information, all the advice you need can be found on To better guide you, we are also at your disposal via our live chat or by phone 0 820 820 533 or 01 54 29 69 00.