Shade of Skin

The main characteristic of black skin is its high density; for comparison, its stratum corneum is made up of twelve layers, against eight for Caucasian skin. Its color is due to a high activity level of melanin, which constitutes a natural bulwark against UV rays. But that does not in any way dispense with sunscreen, because black skin tans like other skin tones and is subject to the same risks. Although it is known to be more resistant to time, with age black women face other inconveniences, such as the appearance of hair on the face between the ages of twenty-five and thirty, which are unrelated. with a hormonal imbalance (yes, we can't have everything…). Like mixed skin, it remains toned for a very long time despite age, and is less likely to develop cancer.

However, sunscreen is still essential on sunny days. Because it provides additional protection to the epidermis and reduces skin dryness. Black skin is often more resistant to cuts, but it is also fragile and sensitive. White spots appear on the complexion when the products used are too aggressive. Far from the tropics, in a colder climate, the skin tends to dry out. And to protect itself from external aggressions, it produces a lot of sebum. This is why black skin needs proper care. The daily use of a moisturizer is essential for its maintenance. If the skin is dull, a radiant, unifying or exfoliating cream will keep a beautiful complexion. If the skin glows or is very oily, the use of a mattifying base helps regulate sebum, and a weekly peel to rejuvenate the upper layer of the epidermis. For makeup, it is advisable to turn to non-greasy, non-comedogenic and light products so as not to clog the pores. Since black skin is reactive, care should be taken to remove it gently with suitable products: micellar water or make-up remover, make-up remover treatment without soap, and it is preferable to avoid care that is too abrasive, such as products containing alcohol or cleansing wipes. A good routine adapted to the characteristics of your black skin will allow you to keep its radiance for a long time.